How to Hire a Trustworthy Expert Plumber for the Home

Most homes do not call a plumber until an issue occurs, but usually when this happens, the homeowner may be dilly dallying with the choices that she makes that usually the first plumber that can immediately come by becomes the contractor of choice. Background checks have already been thrown out the window, and cost quotations have already been disregarded so that the sewer back up or whatever plumbing emergency can be addressed ASAP. And while there are success stories in hiring the first plumber one can get hold of, some homeowners may not have the same luck. Some may be overpricing, some may have done a haphazard job, and some are plain unlicensed, fly-by-night plumbers.

Nice bathrooms must have very reliable plumbing system, and a plumber on call as well. (Photo Credits)

So how can a homeowner ensure that he has a reliable plumber to call when plumbing problems occur?

First, do not wait for emergencies to take place. Take time to ask for referrals from friends or family living in the same area for a plumber. They will most likely refer someone who has done a good job or has not overpriced his services. United Association

Another way is to make a shortlist of the list of plumbers listed within your area, ask for a cost quotation, and get hold of at least three quotes, and look for necessary background information on the plumbers in the short list. Check out their website, social media feedback, and request for past client references and verify accordingly.

Ask to see the ID as well, and their Contractors’ State License Board License, get the license number and verify it in the online CSLB ID check service. There, a consumer can also check whether there are pending complaints about the contractor.

Once this has been done, then keep the number for reference, or try out the service by asking the contractor to conduct a routine plumbing maintenance check.

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